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Rochdale, England 
St. Edward's CE Primary School is situated in the Northwest of England. The school has 14 classes with 345 students aged between 4-11. St. Edward's is an Ambassador Eco School and is unique in England with a small urban farm with donkeys,pigs, goats, hens and other small animals. The staff and students care and look after the environment creating a caring ethos within the school. 

Aguilar de Campoo, Spain

San Gregorio school is placed in the north of Spain. Our town is called Aguilar de Campoo, its population is about 7.000 habitants, most of them work in the two important biscuits factories. The sourrounding area is really beautiful from the natural and enviromental point of view.
About the school, we have three sections: Infant, Primary and High school. In Primary school we are about 240 students and 16 teachers. Among our students we have some emigrants from different countries: Paraguay, Romania and China. We also have a Bilingual section, we teach Science and Arts & Crafts through English as well as we teach English languages lessons. Our educational philosophy is "to work with the last ones in our society", so we have some students with specific educacional need, and another ones also with specific social needs.
Our main aim to join in this project is to develop the European atmosphere in our pupils, families, teachers and in the local area. Also we also hope to develop the languages skills in our school community.

Lathi, Finland

Karisto school was established in 2010, as the first half was built, while the second half was completed in spring 2013. The school has grown gradually. During the academic year 2013-2014 there are classes from 1st to 5thgrades, next year the body of pupils will also include grade 6. There is also a daycare center and a preschool in the same building. 

The school is located at a beautiful spot surrounded by forest and a lake, in the middle of a newly established living area. We emphasize cooperation between preschool age pupils and 1st and 2nd graders (6-8-year-olds). We also lay emphasis on the development of linguistic awareness of pupils, literature, interaction, and sustainable development. We have a 30-minute break every day when we encourage the pupils to move about as much as possible. Physical activity has been reported to enhance learning. 

This year we have 223 pupils, while13 teachers and 2 school assistants work in the school.

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